Boards and Committees


Designated groups and committees that have come together to work and build the mission of the First Congregational Church of Vernon. If you wish to become a member of one or more of these committees, please email or contact the Board or Committee Chair. To learn more about our current needs click on "Classifieds" above. Even if your special interest isn't listed there contact us anyway. There's alway room for one more helping hand.

First Congregational Church of Vernon CTWe all strive to help our church and our community become that much better with our own contributions. Whether you are a singer, writer, baker, business owner, stay-at-home-parent, accountant or golfer – we need your input and direction. Become a volunteer on one of our many committees and bring our mission forward with your own unique skills and input. Thank you!

Board of Deacons | Board of Trustees | Search Committee | Board of Music | Board of Christian Education | Board of Finance | Board of Mission and Outreach | Communications Ministry | Flower Committee | Furnishings and Memorials Committee | Memorial Gardening Committee | Teaching Parish Committee | Ushering Committee | Ways and Means Committee | Library Committee | Auditing Committee | Stewardship and Evangelism Committee