Board of Deacons

Hand of GodOur Mission - In the spirit of renewal and reflection, we are committed to carrying out the teachings of Jesus Christ through dedicated service to the First Congregational Church of Vernon. We resolve to enrich our own spiritual growth through study, worship and prayer and to nurture that of others by example, communion, active church involvement and community outreach.

Historical In the book of Acts, the earliest days of Christs church, the burden of ministry was too great for the Apostles alone to carry. Therefore, the community of faith chose people in whom it had confidence and appointed them to share in the ministry of the church. These people were called deacons, from the word for servant.

Deacons at FCCV The First Congregational Church of Vernon strives to have 18 Deacons. A term of service is three and two consecutive terms may be served. After serving two terms, a Deacon is then ineligible for one year before they can serve again.

Duties and Responsibilities Deacons guide and support the pastors of the church. They assist with communion, funerals, baptisms and other special church functions. They make visits, phone calls and send personal notes to homebound members and those in need.


Prayer BoxThe little black Prayer Box is back in place after being relettered and now securly locked. Access is only by our Pastors that know the combination. This is the start of a new Prayer Ministry for the Tri town area. Anyone wishing to ask that a prayer(s) be said for their personal concerns or for family members and friends may write a request. One does not have to be a member of this church, (or any church) to partake in this service. There are 3 X 5 cards and pens available on the site. If you would like to have a call from one of our Pastors, or a visit, or even inquire about joining this church, just write your name, phone number and/or email and someone will be in touch with you. You are not under any obligaion to use this program. Remember, ALL ARE WELCOME, AND EACH MAY BRING A FRIEND.


For more information about this Board click here to see the FCCV Annual Report.
The Board's report to the Church is included in the main body of the document
and a list of current Board members and their terms is at the end.

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