Sound System Instructions…

Our Installation

Our Manual for our sound system.
This is all you need for routine set up and operation. The first four pages are a non-technical pictoral overview of the system that can be understood by anyone.
Note: This manual is a work in process. It is added to and/or modified regularly. We email the members of the Sound System Working Group and the Communications Committee whenever major changes occur. If you'd like to receive copies of those emails or are interested in becoming a system operator contact Gerry Dyar 860-391-1558, or Dave Allen 860-944-1973,

How To Make Yourself Heard.

Helpful hints for speakers using our sound system.

Emulator for Our Roland Mixer

FCCV Program for the iPad on our M-200i. Downloadable file. Open it using the M-200i emulator (below).
M-200RCS - Emulator for Mac & Windows Downloadable file. This becomes an executeable file when you add the suffix ".EXE" to it. You can use it on your computer to become familiar with the program (above) we use in the iPad on our M-200i.
M-200RCS Program Manual

Roland Manuals

M-200i Manual The mixer on the balcony.
M-200i Additional Functions
M-200i Power
S-1608 Digital Snake Manual Located in the system equipment cabinet in the room behind the Chancel.
Input Output Assignments for our system From ALSS. Only needed for reference.

Our Video Equipment

Canon HFR7008 camcorder manual
VT100 tripod manual
DXA2T XLR audio adapter for camera

Board of Music Portable Amplifier System

Acoustic A1000 100 watt stereo amplifier manual
Audio Technica ATW-802 hand held wireless mike manual

Other Manuals for Reference

Coming soon.