Board of Trustees

Responsible for all our Church properties. Our custodian reports to this board.

Steeple RepairPICTURE: Roll your cursor over Tom Sweet's photo to see a closeup of the workman at the peak of the spire.
The Board of Trustees hired Robert Morgan Steeple Restoration in September, 2012, to refurbish our steeple and the work is now completed. This is an example of the kind of work the Board of Trustees oversees for our Church.
Historical Note : Coincidently, you may see the salvaged remains of the spire and the weathervane which graced the top of the steeple of the church building that burned to the ground in 1965. Many items from the era of the fire and the rebuilding of the meeting house are on currently on display in our Fellowship Hall.


For more information about this Board click here to see the FCCV Annual Report.
The Board's report to the Church is included in the main body of the document
and a list of current Board members and their terms is at the end.

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